Parent child
forms the fundamental
building block in a child's life.

For kids who are
between the ages
18 months to 36 months.

Parent Toddler Program
follows the same
curriculum framework
as other Northstar Early
Years (NEY) Programs
(PreK, K1 and K2).

An online program to
assist parents in being
a mindful part of their
child's early learning.

We work with the
parent/s to support
them in providing
key learning
designed by our

Cohort based program with
a batch of 8 weeks each

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a. Kids who are between the ages 18 months to 36 months can join this program.

a. Parents (one or both as per convenience) are required to participate with the child.

a. Yes, this program is completely online

a. We will have sessions 4 days a week. Each day will have 90 mins of live sessions.

b. The duration of the program is 8 weeks.

a. We need to understand this in the context of our current situation and Northstar Nest’s philosophy.

b. National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC, USA) is one of the leading organizations in the world for early childhood learning and research. They recommend that “the environment infants and toddlers encounter, the relations they form, and the activities they engage in before the age of 3 - both inside the home and out - are key to healthy and positive growth, development and learning outcomes that can last a lifetime.” Please read this article if you’d like to dive deeper

c. At Nest, we believe that early foundations of learning through healthy relationships have a great impact on a child’s life. The most important relationship for an infant or toddler is with her/his parents and caregivers. Hence, we have designed this program that assists parents and caregivers in building a nurturing relationship with the child.

d. Parent Toddler programs are well established in some of the best schools in India. Northstar Nest is pioneering this concept in our city. As with all our program designs, Parent Toddler Program of Nest is designed from the ground up with our unique strengths and context in mind.

a. Given the extremely difficult situation currently, online learning is the best alternative. Northstar’s learning philosophy is that children learn in different ways, in different places and from different people, including the teacher, peers, community members and themselves.

b. While learning at Northstar campus is extremely important, we believe that online learning provides some unique advantages

c. Moreover, the loss of learning time and social engagement early in life has a far-reaching impact on future learning outcomes. We believe that it is extremely important to provide a rhythm and consistency to a child’s daily routine.

a. Parent Toddler Program follows the same curriculum framework as other Northstar Early Years (NEY) Programs (PreK, K1 and K2). Ney curriculum framework is one of the most exhaustively designed frameworks in the world. Our programs (including the PTP) are designed based on the most current research and knowledge about early childhood education. Our methods are inspired by Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, DAP of NAEYC, and many other research organizations along with Northstar’s own knowledge and experience.

b. We work with the parent/s to support them in providing key learning experiences designed by our educators

c. Parents will get access to our world-class educators and learning resources, live synchronous classes and recordings of all classes, access to Northstar Productions library and more.

a. You are encouraged to join the next cohort. The next cohort will continue with the next elements of the curriculum.

b. Depending on the age of the child. You may be eligible to enrol in our next program, that is Play Stage or PreK.

Please fill up our admission form here.

a. Please contact our admissions counsellors on +91 9099195950 or email us at for more information.

a. We are happy to have you with us. Parent Toddler Program will replace the PS program at least for the time being (fall semester) until we have clarity on campus reopening from authorities. If you have already paid tuition fees, we will adjust your fees in this program. Once the campus is re-opened, you may transition to a PS program from Spring Semester.

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