Northstar Approach

The Northstar Approach illustrates how we think about education and learning at the Northstar School. Traditionally education and learning have been confined to the four walls of a classroom. and thought of as an activity taking place between the two kinds of people in it, students and teachers. At the Northstar School we believe education and learning can happen anywhere and from anyone, and we believe it is our job to show this to our students and help them understand how to keep learning throughout their lives.

At Northstar we thus rely on more than four-walled classrooms and a single teacher to facilitate learning: we rely on our Learners to learn from and with others as well as on their own, on our excellent Educators to create and guide engaging learning experiences, on a carefully designed physical Learning Environment that inspires exploration, and on involved Parents & Community partners that support and expand learners’ horizons.


The Northstar Nest (City Campus)
2nd Ring Road, Mota Mava,
Rajkot - 360005, Gujarat, India.

The Northstar School (Main Campus)
Adjoining RK University,
Bhavnagar Highway,
Rajkot - 360020, Gujarat, India.


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